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Pack meetings are considered Spirit of Scouting events and are held the first Thursday of each month from 7:00 to 8:00 PM in the Dominion Trail Elementary School cafeteria.  The meeting time and place will not change without prior notification.  Changes due to holidays, school vacations, or other Pack, District or Council commitments.  One parent must attend the pack Meeting with the Scout unless other arrangements have been made in advance with the Den Leader.  Other family members, siblings and guests are always welcome and encouraged to attend.  The control of the siblings is the responsibility of the parents and not the Den Leaders.


Pack meetings are planned and conducted by the Cubmaster although each Den plays a role.  The meetings typically follow the monthly theme set at the national level and include the recognition of achievements, games, songs, skits, ceremonies, and demonstrations.  The Cubmaster can get ideas from the previous month’s District Roundtable, Boys’ Life and Scouting magazines, Cub Scout Program Helps, and other Cub Scouting literature/websites as sources for program ideas.


Occasionally, District representatives will attend a pack meeting to present information to the Pack such as the FOS (Friends of Scouting) campaign or a camp promotion.  Other visitors, such as local firefighters / police may also be invited at the discretion of the Cubmaster.

A typical Pack 1151 pack meeting will have the following agenda:


·       6:30 PM: Set-up; pizza

·       7:00 PM: Opening flag ceremony

·       7:03 PM: Cubmaster’s welcome & introduction to the monthly theme

·       7:13 PM: Cheer

·       7:15 PM: Skit

·       7:20: Story or demo focused on the monthly theme

·       7:30 PM: Activities

·       7:58 PM: Closing flag ceremony


  • Month: 1st Thursday of each month; September through May
  • Location Dominion Trail Elementary School
  • Uniforms: Yes


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