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The Pinewood Derby is a competition that is also a lot of fun! The races give our Scouts (and parents) a chance to show their mechanical and engineering abilities. The Scouts each make a Derby car to race against all the others in the Pack. The top five finishers in each Den can optionally go on to represent Pack 1151 at the District competition. Prizes are also awarded for top finishers (trophies) as well as various certificates for quality craftsmanship. The cars start as simple blocks of wood but with a little time and a little assistance it is amazing what they become. Parents and siblings that want to create their own car are encouraged to do so to participate in the sibling race.

  • Month: January
  • Location: Dominion Trail Elementary School
  • Uniforms: Yes

Pinewood Derby 2.JPG - 640 x 480

Pinewood Derby.JPG - 640 x 480